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things we’ve built helps you remove backgrounds in a second. Upload an image, background gets removed, download the fixed up image. helps you remove unwanted things from images in seconds. Upload an image, mark the bit you need removed, download the fixed up image. is a no-code social FAQ, for any webpage. Authenticated website visitors, can post anonymously, and are notified of responses even after they leave the webpage! is our computer-vision-as-a-service for solving problems at scale. Our AI needs zero labelled data and understands images like humans, by learning from internet. We are currently focussing on existing customers, but do reach out, if you want to talk.


dexter is the #1 price testing app for Shopify stores. Stores can launch a price test in less than 30 seconds!
Now run by the awesome folks at StayTuned. helps women browse and buy clothes they love, from across top independent brands. Our visual AI engine, gives each shopper an experience tailormade to their taste. The app is currently suspended and will be relaunched later.

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